Whether during his humble beginnings feeding calves on a dairy farm, during his time in front of TV cameras as spokesperson for Dr. Billy Graham, or while serving as the President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia, Allen Whitt has lived out his conservative values his whole life. For more than half a decade, Allen has been one of the most prominent conservative leaders in the Mountain State. And he believes that having our U.S. senator, a Republican, score only “68% conservative,” isn’t nearly good enough for West Virginia anymore. Now more than ever, West Virginia needs a values-focused leader, and now is the time for Allen Whitt to step up and serve our state in this new way as our U.S. Senator.

Allen said, “I’ve been honored during these years of change in West Virginia to lobby and fight for what’s right at the state and local levels. I’m grateful that I was trusted to recruit faithful candidates to help restore hope. I’m encouraged by our progress in the West Virginia legislature, but we need a stronger champion in our U.S. senator. West Virginians deserve to have our federal officials more closely resemble our conservative values. I’ve decided to run for the U.S. Senate so voters can trust that their Republican senator values what they do, and will vote 100% of the time to defend those beliefs, not just 68% of the time.”