During Sen. Capito’s time in public office, she has been a friend in name only to the pro-life movement. She’s borrowed pro-life rhetoric but has failed to produce a consistent pro-life record. In fact, she is frequently hostile to pro-life legislation when it is not politically popular. Some years, pro-life groups cannot endorse her. Other years, pro-abortion groups do endorse her! 

Shelley Moore Capito’s record on so-called “abortion rights” is scandalous for a purported Republican. She calls herself “pro-choice,” and most recently stood against the repeal of Obamacare, which was essentially a vote to fund Planned Parenthood. In 2007, Capito also voted to protect federal funding for Planned Parenthood, and throughout her career, she has voted to federally fund abortion through abortion providers, even on U.S. military bases, and to provide federal funding for the “abortion pill.” 

Sen. Capito also voiced opposition to the Human Life Protection Act passed by the State of Alabama. Capito stated in May of 2019, “I don’t agree with the Alabama law. I mean, I think it’s very very restrictive (The Daily Beast, May 31, 2019).”

A central pillar of the Republican platform is the defense of the children in the womb. We deserve a leader who will consistently stand up for the rights of every West Virginian, no matter how weak and defenseless, and no matter the political consequences. In 2018 Allen Whitt actively campaigned for West Virginia’s Amendment One – which, with its passage, is saving the lives of thousands of babies for decades to come.

Sen. Capito refused to take a position on Amendment One. She cannot be relied upon to support some of the core issues that West Virginians care the most about. Her voting record demonstrates that one out of three times, she sided with the liberal pro-abortion agenda, most recently by failing to support President Trump’s campaign promise to repeal Obamacare. It’s time to bring Sen. Capito back from Washington, and replace her with a leader we can trust 100% of the time. Allen Whitt has been that leader in West Virginia, and he will be that leader representing West Virginia voters in our nation’s capital.

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