Sen. Capito Is Wrong on the 2nd Amendment

Shelley Moore Capito:
Wrong on the Second Amendment, Wrong for West Virginia

This basically creates a “nationwide task force” designed to spy on and punish law-abiding gun owners who build and sell their own firearms. Even when no crime has been committed, this bill allows for putting private citizens on watch lists and taking their lawfully owned property away.

Furthermore, this bill creates a whole new surveillance system for children, increasing the power of government to tell children what they can and can’t do, say, or think.

This awful bill is opposed by the National Association for Gun Rights. And it’s co-sponsored by my opponent and your current Senator.

Sen. Capito’s presence in the United States Senate is a threat not only to the Second Amendment rights of West Virginians, but to legal gun-owners all over this great country.

West Virginia needs a Senator who is 100% pro-2nd Amendment, 100% of the time. Visit for more information on the campaign and how you can get involved!