Sen. Capito is Bad for the American Worker

Shelley Moore Capito
Disastrous for the American Worker

One of the things our President Donald Trump campaigned on was helping the American worker by decreasing immigration visas, thereby protecting our wages and jobs.

Sadly, Senator Shelley Moore Capito has consistently voted for increasing low-skilled worker visas, which harms the very people she is supposed to represent. 

Shelley Moore Capito voted for DACA in 2018, which is the Obama-era program granting amnesty to illegal aliens.

In 2019, she voted TWICE to increase H2B visas. These votes only benefit Big Business, allowing them to pay lower wages to non-immigrant foreign workers instead of paying decent wages to American citizens.

We know that these policies kill jobs for American citizens and have contributed to the opioid crisis. WV has the worst opioid-induced overdose deaths per capita.

These wage and job-killing bills hurt West Virginia more than almost any other state. Unemployment in WV is 5.2% which is in the bottom 5 worst in the nation. As a result, West Virginia workers are moving away, because they cannot compete with H2B visa-holders. Our state’s population is shrinking at an alarming rate.

Capito voted to increase H2B visas and hurt the workers of West Virginia in 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Does that sound like a pro-Trump conservative? Or does it sound like a member of the elite, a friend of Big Business, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Cheap Labor Lobby?

Unlike Senator Capito, I will stand up for the forgotten men and women of this state by standing up to the Cheap Labor Lobby. I will NEVER be a puppet for Big Business.

I am running for Senate because I believe we have two liberal Senators representing West Virginia today. I will oppose all forms of amnesty, and vote to reduce the number of H2B visa-holders in this country, so that American workers can get the jobs and wages they deserve.

West Virginia needs a Senator who is 100% pro-American worker. Visit for more information on the campaign and how you can get involved!