As the President of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia, Allen Whitt has a demonstrated a record of defending the First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

Sen. Capito has signaled to voters that she is as shaky on defending this constitutional right as she is on the right to life and right to bear arms. 

Betty DeHaven, Eastern Panhandle Republican & Woman's Advocate: 

“I contacted Senator Capito and asked if she supported the terrible House bill called the Equality Act, a bill that would take away Americans’ religious freedom whenever it conflicts with someone’s perceived sexual identity. She actually wrote me to make it clear that she didn’t want anyone to be discriminated against (because they reject biology and traditional marriage). Only then did she note as an afterthought that she didn’t want religious freedom to be lost either. I was crestfallen because anyone can read between those lines to see that not only is Senator Capito not helping us fight for religious freedom, she is a YES vote on that freedom-killing bill if the Equality Act ever gets to the Senate floor. We must not reelect a Republican who is already signaling that she will betray us on this critical constitutional right. Her voting record and her written communications make it clear that the Senator cares more about the defense of a major Democrat talking point than she cares about defending the major Republican platform plank of religious freedom.

I’ve watched Allen Whitt lead the fight for religious freedom in West Virginia far longer than Capito has been senator and he will not abandon us when we send him to Washington.”

Not only is Sen. Capito not bound by a commitment to uphold the constitutional rights of Americans, but her views are entirely out of step with those of the common men and women of West Virginia. It’s time to bring her home.