On this issue more than any other, President Trump needs allies in the U.S. Senate who will stand strong against attempts to give amnesty to illegal aliens, and who will continue to support his efforts to secure the southern border. He will help bring an end to the abuse and suffering of migrants who are enticed into traveling towards our border by promises of amnesty by liberal Republicans-in-name-only like Sen. Capito. 

Sen. Capito has gained praise from the President for backing funding for the much-needed border wall, but that does not excuse her indicating that she is open to an amnesty bill and voting in 2018 for DACA, which granted amnesty to illegal immigrants. Allen Whitt will never allow lawbreakers to take what legal immigrants have patiently worked for and waited years to receive. In his career as a business owner, Allen Whitt saw firsthand the crisis on our southern border caused by human traffickers and drug traffickers. Allen believes the most humane thing that our country can do to protect vulnerable individuals from these monstrous traffickers is to build the wall, secure our border, and take amnesty off the table.

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