Allen believes that West Virginia is not just a state where we make a buck. It’s also the state where we must make our lives. Poverty creates the temptation for a myriad of social problems, and more money to families in poverty can often ease some of those. But it’s not the government’s job to create jobs. The job of the government is to defend our borders and ensure that fair commerce can be transacted in a free-market society. The lighter the hand of government regulation, the more vibrant the economy. 

Allen will fight for the rights of all business owners, especially entrepreneurs and risk takers who venture their own capital to make their communities prosper. A job is created not by the government, but instead, when a risk taker is able to invest in a business plan to sell goods and services to a customer at a rate that is greater than the cost of the materials and labor needed to produce the goods and services.

And Allen will fight to reduce baseless lawsuits against employers. Once a risk taker has established a business and is finally prospering, our legal community should not be allowed to view these businesses as a goldmine for jackpot court settlements resulting from baseless harassment and discrimination claims. We must stop killing the business goose that lays all the golden, job-creating eggs.