Chad Connelly, Former Republican National Convention Faith Outreach Coordinator:
Allen Whitt and his Family Policy Council were certainly not on the fence on Amendment One. He helped push that pro-life ballot across the finish line into law. In my four years with the RNC engaging voters, you better believe we were looking for candidates like Allen. He has decades of constitutional policy defense and is also a former spokesperson and writer for Dr. Billy Graham. What a tremendous chance West Virginia has in May, to elect an ideological conservative champion to represent Republicans in the U.S. Senate.


Betty DeHaven, Eastern Panhandle Republican & Woman's Advocate:
I’ve watched Allen Whitt lead the fight for religious freedom in West Virginia far longer than Capito has been senator and he will not abandon us when we send him to Washington.


Dustin Lewis, Former Republican Candidate for State Senate:
Finally! Allen Whitt has supported conservative Republican candidates like myself all over West Virginia and it’s about time that we have the chance to support him.


Randolph County United Methodist Pastor Tammy Phillips:
Allen Whitt has been one of the strongest defenders of women and girls safety in West Virginia for more than half a decade. He has been all over the state when no one else would step up to lead the fights to stop this abandonment of common sense. And I have witnessed Allen wade through angry mobs to defend our dignity and safety. When I heard he was running I cheered. True conservatives know that Shelley is a follower, and that Allen is a better fit to represent us in these big issue fights. He’s been West Virginia’s conservative champion for a few years now. It’s time we sent him to the Senate.